Please use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to mail your items. Pack your coins securely in bubble wrap before placing in the box. (Don’t use an envelope). Make sure that the box is packed tight, otherwise the coins rattle around and become a high risk for theft. Be sure to tape the edges of the box, this well prevent coins from sliding out. We will reimburse your shipping cost up to $9.95.

The post office provides Free Flat Rate Boxes in various sizes. The Small Flat Rate box is $7.90 which includes tracking and insurance up to $50. If your coins worth more than $50 you must purchase additional Insurance. If you are sending a lot of coins and they are heavy, the small Flat Rate box is the way to go. If it fits, it ships! If you have decided to send a large number of coins and need a larger Flat Rate Box we will cover the cost! Call us if you like our company to provide you a UPS/FedEx Shipping Label & Insurance for package worth more than $1000.00

Please print a copy of the packing slip that our website generates for you and include it with your package. If you don’t have a printer, you can write down the information from the packing slip and include with your package.

It’s not required, but we really appreciate customers that use the Check My Sale feature and provide us with a Tracking Number, so we can also track your shipment.

We will reimburse your shipping cost up to $7.95 when we make your payment.

Shipping Address.

RAMSEY, NJ 07446

Please add the following email addresses to your email safe sender lists: